Wohl – Obama did ‘Tremendous Damage’ to Dems by Favoring Coastal Elites

Anyone who’s been paying any attention to the Democrats lately is well aware that their party is crumbling.

Democrats can’t agree on anything, they’re completely fractured, and are devoid of any form of a message, a “leader” figure, or a plan.

While there are a number of prominent Democrat politicians responsible for the mess the DNC is in, Barack Obama definitely deserves his share of the blame.

As conservative pundit, David Wohl, points out in the video below, former President Obama did “tremendous damage” to the Democratic Party, specifically with his alienation of middle America, his brazenly anti-police rhetoric, and his disastrous foreign policy.

Wohl is correct, especially with the anti-police sentiment, which is what galvanized the Democratic Party to embrace militant, far-left ideologies, which lead to the rise of violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

As President, Barack Obama squandered an amazing opportunity to bring the country together, and instead, used his time in office to sow the seeds of racial tension, igniting a bitter hatred among the left, which was furthered by election loss of Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic Party is unrecognizable now, compared to its former self, and a large portion of centrist liberals and “Reagan Democrats” have been left feeling completely alienated.