White House expects Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation To Be Fast

As reported by Yahoo

White House officials on hand for President Trump’s primetime nomination Monday of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court immediately praised the pick and predicted Kavanaugh would sail through the confirmation process in time for the Supreme Court’s next session, which begins Oct. 1.

“There’s nobody more qualified and the Senate should do their job. There’s no reason in the world they shouldn’t put this through and put it through quickly,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told Yahoo News.

“He’s kind of the standard bearer. Everybody in the country looks to this guy on what to do with the law, so it should go fast,” she added.

Both Sanders and White House director of legislative affairs Marc Short predicted Kavanaugh could be confirmed in time for the start of the court’s next session. For his part, Short praised Kavanaugh’s “credentials” and “the way he served our country.” Short also said the White House “absolutely” expected some Democrats to back Kavanaugh.

In his speech, Trump claimed he received “consultation and advice” from “senators on both sides of the aisle” before picking Kavanaugh. Yahoo News asked Sanders which Democrats were involved in the process. She didn’t identify any, instead emphasizing her belief the confirmation process would be rapid.

“We’ve talked to a number of people,” Sanders said, adding, “We’re going to continue pushing forward. We have a great candidate and we think it’s going to be fast.”