The White House Celebrates a Successful First “Year of Change”

2016, the American people demanded a better alternative to the dynasties of corrupted career politicians, and elected a political outsider and business mogul to be the President of the United States.

Ever since,  the changes have been immediate, despite the fact that the bitter mainstream media completely ignores President Trump’s every accomplishment.

In just one short year, President Trump has managed to turn the economy around and bring hope to millions of Americans, and on Tuesday, the White House shared a link, which highlighted some of the president’s remarkable achievements.

In an op-ed with the Washington Examiner, President Trump shared his thoughts on his first year as Commander in Chief, as well as his plans for the future

“We are putting America first, making real change in Washington, and creating opportunities for all of our people,” said the president, who stressed the need to bring jobs and business back to the United States, after many had chosen to move their factories overseas.

Coming fresh off the heels of a hard-fought victory over the Democrats, who, lead by Senator Chuck Schumer, initiated a shutdown of the federal government, which was ended after tense negotiations on Monday evening.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee also brought attention to President Trump’s op-ed, as well as his unbelievable number of successes and accomplishments during his first year in the White House.

“Democrats can shut down the government, but not the booming Trump economy,” said Huckabee, who went on to cite several of the Trump administration’s “America First” victories from 2017.