Watch President Trump Discuss the Power of Social Media ‘I Doubt I’d Be Here Without It’

Anyone who had any part in the 2016 election knows that social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter played a more important role than ever before.

During a recent interview, President Trump discussed how he used social media during the campaign, and continues harness its power to reach the American people.

“I doubt I’d be here if it weren’t for social media,” said Trump, describing his unfair treatment by the mainstream press, “There is a fake media out there. I get treated very unfairly by the media.”

The president said that he uses social media, especially Twitter, to directly communicate his message to the American people, considering the liberal-aligned press refuses to give Trump non-biased coverage.

President Trump described how he’s able to use social media to “take care of it” when the mainstream news organizations or politicians badmouth him, saying, “The other way, I’d never be able to get the word out.”

Watch the video: