WATCH: Hillary Now Claims Election May Have Been ‘Determined by Putin and the Kremlin’

As reported by MRC

Following her recent claims that she had the 2016 election “stolen” from her, Hillary Clinton is now indicating that Vladimir Putin may have determined the election outcome.

Clinton took her tin-foil hat conspiracy theory on stage to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire Wednesday.

“If you are an American, the idea that our election is being trifled with, being impacted and may be determined by Putin and the Kremlin and his intelligence service and military and all of their assorted allies and agents. That should give us heartburn because we cannot have a strong relationship with Russia for good or ill if we basically allow them to undermine the basic exercise of our democracy,” Clinton said.

Clinton didn’t give details on how Putin may have “determined” the election.

Hillary may be able to relax a little bit since the Trump administration boosted cyber security funding for states and their election teams, to make sure that best practices and protections of elections are occurring.

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Unless someone “steals” that information before it gets to her.