WATCH: Ex-President of Shell Oil Says Obama Deserves No Credit for U.S. Oil Boom

As reported by WesternJournal

He hasn’t faded into the sunset. By the contrary, former President Barack Obama has made a point of not only bashing President Donald Trump publicly, but taking credit for good things he had nothing to do with.

His latest credit-grab came in the form of him saying he is the reason why America is the largest oil producer. Yes, he really said that.

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“(Oil production) went up every year I was president. That whole, suddenly America is the biggest oil producer, that was me, people.”

His conclusion to his pat on the back is mind-blowing. “Just say, ‘thank you,’ please.”

He is the man who fought for climate-change policies and against oil production. He limited drilling for oil.

But before you think he may be getting away with his outrageous claim, take heart. John Hofmeister, former president of Shell, was quick to call him out on it.