Vast Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-Un

While the anti-Trump liberal media will no doubt attempt to minimize the historic achievement of President Trump in meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for peace talks, polls show the majority of Americans are pleased this meeting had taken place.

71% approve of President Trump negotiating with North Korea directly, something ex-President Barack Obama was never able to do in 8 years of his presidency.

As reported by Breitbart

The vast majority of Americans support President Donald Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, according to a poll released on Monday that shows 71 percent approve.

An even larger majority — 75 percent — see North Korea’s nuclear weapons program as a “major threat,” according to the Pew Research Center poll conducted in October.

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Pew reported:

This share is as high as at any point since 2005. Around seven-in-ten Americans (71%) said the U.S. should take North Korea’s nuclear threats “very seriously.” Majorities also said North Korea is capable of launching a nuclear missile that could reach the U.S. (64%) and believed that the country’s leadership is really willing to follow through on threats to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. (65%).

Concerns have increased for both Republicans and Democrats on these questions since 2013, Pew reported.