UNHINGED: Former Obama Ethics Chief Calls for Stocking Up Gear and Taking the Streets

As Robert Mueller’s clearly biased investigation continues to crumble, a rumor spread rapidly that Trump may fire Mueller before Christmas.

While this was immediately debunked as fake news from Trump’s counsel and the President himself, that did not stop the left from over-reacting and having epic meltdowns

Several Democrats, including the disgraced Eric Holder, went on twitter rampages that included  thinly veiled threatening language.

Former Obama-era director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub took this to another level entirely and suggested that he, along with others, would “take the streets” in rebellion, apparently a cry to overthrow President Trump during the Christmas season.

After being called out, Shaub attempted to walk back his comments, claiming he meant to say “take to the streets,” and couldn’t hide his arrogant elitist attitude while replying to one average American.

It’s unlikely that elitist Shaub would ever “take to the streets” himself, but are his comments blowing a dog whistle for radical left groups like Antifa?