Tucker: Those Denying Issues at Border Fear ‘Assault on the Status Quo’ (Video)

As reported by FoxNews

Tucker Carlson blasted Democrats and those in the media on Tuesday who have said the illegal immigration issues at the southern border don’t exist.

“Today’s slogan is simple: Don’t believe your own eyes. None of this is real. Everything is just fine,” he said.

Carlson remarked that since no one in Washington, D.C. could have wanted President Trump to be elected or a wall to be built along the U.S.-Mexico border, issues at the border must be made-up.

He called that notion “delusional” and that those denying illegal immigration problems want “more of the same.”

“[They are] arguing for a permanent extension of the way things are,” he said, adding that what those opponents fear most is an “assault on the status quo.”

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Carlson said that they fear someone will come along and question the status quo, subsequently disrupting any financial benefit of it.

“What you’re really looking at here is a self-satisfied aristocracy,” he said. “What they fear most is a challenge to the way things are.”