Tucker Debates Dem Who Claims Clinton’s Uranium Scandal is No Big Deal

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has quickly gained a reputation for himself for taking on the most delusional leftists head on.

As a host, Carlson is polite, but never hesitates to point out the foolishness of his liberal guests’ views, and seems right at home doing battle with some of the Democratic Party’s most vocal champions.

Former Clinton advisor, Richard Goodstein, appeared on the show, and sparred with Tucker over the Uranium One deal, which has become infamous in recent weeks, after evidence showed that Hillary Clinton was the only presidential candidate with shady ties to Russia.

Goodstein attempted to argue that Clinton really did no wrong by working with the Obama administration to allow Russia to access American uranium stocks, and tried to downplay the importance of the uranium deal.

Tucker, however, anticipated that move, and instead pointed to the fact that the Clinton Foundation urged Uranium One to hire Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother, and Clinton family sycophant.

“Would you be happy if the Trump people did that?” asked Tucker, who pointed out that the crooked deal clearly involved special favors.