Trump Slams “Fake News” with Scathing Tweets For Refusing to Cover the Economy

As Friday brought the end of the first work week of 2018, President Trump took to social media to share his thoughts on the crumbling “Russian collusion” narrative, and took a shot at the mainstream media in the process.

In a scathing tweet, Trump pointed out that the only collusion which occurred during the 2016 election was between Hillary Clinton and the FBI, and since these revelations have come to light, the mainstream media has completely shifted focus.

The President slammed the “Fake News Media” for suddenly dropping their obsession with the “Russian collusion” story, and instead putting all their efforts into promoting a book of unproven gossip which Trump has called “phony.”

Earlier in the day, President Trump called out the mainstream media for their lack of coverage of the unprecedented numbers being seen in the Stock Market, as well as the booming U.S. economy.

Trump said that the press “barely mentions” his successes, adding, “…but the people know!”

“Can you imagine of ‘O’ [Obama] was President, and had these numbers?” asked Trump, who went on to say that would have been the “biggest story on earth.”