Trump Reaches out to Egyptian President After Terror Attack Kills Over 200

Today, following a terrorist attack in Egypt which left over 200 people dead, President Trump immediately took action.

President Trump called the attack “horrible and cowardly,” and called upon the entire planet to fight against the scourge of terror, saying, “the world cannot tolerate terrorism.”

Trump reiterated the need to defeat terrorists, such as the radical Islamic terror group ISIS, both on the battlefield, as well as in the minds of the young men and women they seek to recruit.

In a tweet released quickly after the attack, Trump said he would be calling Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi to talk about the “tragic terrorist attack,” also saying, “God bless the people of Egypt.”

Additionally, President Trump spoke of the need for the United States to build its own border wall, as well as the implementation of his travel ban, which would eliminate a large percentage of possible terrorists from entering the country.

“We have to get tougher and smarter than ever before, and we will,” said the president in his tweet, and added “[We] need the WALL, need the BAN!”

As we continue to see the damage caused by Obama and Hillary’s unvetted migrants and refugees, who have already engaged in terrorism on American soil, the country can rest a little easier, knowing President Trump is committed to “Making America Safe Again.”