Trump raises more money in 24 hours than opening days of Sanders, Biden, O’Rourke, Harris combined

As reported by WashingtonExaminer

Presidential Trump brought in nearly $25 million in the first 24 hours of his official reelection efforts, according to Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel — more than the combined totals of five of his major Democratic rivals.

” @realDonaldTrump has raised a record breaking $24.8M in less than 24 hours for his re-election. The enthusiasm across the country for this President is unmatched and unlike anything we’ve ever seen! #trump2020#KeepAmericaGreat,” McDaniel tweeted Wednesday.

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McDaniel’s message followed Trump’s official kick-off rally in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday night. Trump’s campaign on Tuesday sent out a fundraising memo asking supporters to raise at $7 million before midnight.

The $24.8 million sum is several magnitudes higher than the leading Democratic candidates seeking the chance to challenge Trump in 2020. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign said in April it pulled in $6.3 million during the 24 hours after he announced his third White House run.

At a Manhattan fundraiser Tuesday evening, Biden suggested his campaign raised over $19.8 million in the current quarter of the campaign season, with bank accounts closing at the end of June.

All 24-hour fundraising numbers come directly from the campaigns themselves or party committees, rather than the Federal Elections Commission. Fundraising figures reported by the campaign will be publicly available by July 15 and will offer more detail, including amounts of money spent, and cash-on-hand totals.