Trump Points to Pelosi’s Incompetence as DACA Deadline Looms

Recently, Democrats decided that the best way to start off 2018 was by pulling a shutdown stunt that affected the entire the federal government, and in the process, they managed to prove to the entire country that they cared more about illegal immigrants and obstructing Trump than they care about the well being of legal citizens.

Despite President Trump’s repeated attempts to reach bipartisan negotiations with Democrats on the issue of immigration reform, sill licking their wounds from the 2016 election more than a year later, the left has spent the last year refusing to cooperate or compromise.

During his highly successful State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Trump once again extended an olive branch to Democrats, asking them to put aside the differences of the past year, and work together for the country.

However, the Democrats’ bitter responses to the president’s address proved just how out-of-touch the left has grown from the American voters, and also made it clear that they plan to continue their obstructionist behavior.

On Thursday morning, President Trump used social media to call out the Democrats, correctly accusing them of  “doing nothing about DACA,” and criticized them for their behavior over the previous year.

“They resist, blame, complain, and obstruct – and do nothing,” said the president, who urged Americans to “Start pushing Nancy Pelosi and the Dems to work out a DACA fix, NOW!”

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