Trump Just Ripped Pelosi & Schumer for Putting Illegals First

On Saturday, President Trump took to Twitter, where he slammed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, claiming that the Democrat leaders “want to protect illegal immigrants far more than the citizens of our country.”

“The United States cannot stand for this,” said Trump, adding, “We want safety and security at our borders!”

The president has publicly clashed with Democrats over immigration since his election – a fight which has grown more bitter as left-wing media and politicians continue to accuse the Trump administration of “inhumane” practices regarding the separation of illegal alien families once detained.

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Trump has increased pressure on Democrats over the past week, publicly denouncing their sudden focus on illegal aliens as “phony,” and slamming them for “doing nothing but obstructing.”

The president has also continued demanding border security, while calling for the election of more Republicans in the November primaries.