Trump Highlights Booming Economy While Ridiculing Dems’ Phony Excuse for Losing

On Sunday, President Trump took to Twitter, where he called out the Democrats for their incessant obsession with alleged “Russian collusion” and mentioned his phenomenal success in just 10 months.

As Democrats and the mainstream media continue to push the narrative that the 2016 election was somehow rigged by Russians, the rest of the country is getting fed up, and is ready to move on.

While establishment hatchet-man, Robert Mueller, squanders taxpayer money on a pointless and costly investigation, President Trump and his administration continue to prove to the American people that their goal is simply to “Make America Great Again.”

What Americans really care about, is that during President Trump’s first year alone, they’re feeling the burden of Barack Obama’s oppressive and stifling economic policies being lifted, and are breathing easier.

The numbers back up everything President Trump said about helping Americans, who have suffered for years under disastrous Obama-era policies, that seemed outright punitive towards the middle class.

Holiday spending is already up, the economy is not just recovering, but booming, the Stock Market is seeing unprecedented highs, and Americans are feeling more comfortable spending money than they have in years.

With President Trump’s list of accomplishments growing bigger by the day, the rest of the world is starting to take notice, leaving the Democrats and the unhinged mainstream media looking foolish, as they continue to push their blatant anti-Trump agenda.