Trump Exposes “Media Coverup of the Biggest Story of Our Time” in Powerful Tweet

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation drags on, Republicans and supporters of President Trump have continued to denounce its very premise, citing the now-infamous “Steele Dossier” at the center of the probe.

The probe, which hinged upon a document created on commission for parties operating on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, has since shifted its focus from allegations of “collusion with Russia” to incidents of “obstruction of justice.”

President Trump, himself, has been a vocal critic of the investigation, frequently taking to Twitter to condemn Mueller and his team for what he has deemed a “witch hunt.”

On Sunday, the president quoted Rep. Darrell Issa, who rebuked the DOJ and FBI for having “a program to keep Donald Trump from becoming President,” and stated, “If this had happened to the other side, everybody involved would be in jail.”

“This is a media coverup of the biggest story of our time,” Trump added.