Trump Effect! Consumer Sentiment Surges to 13 Year High

One year after the election of President Trump, and Americans are happier than they’ve been in over ten years, a fact that bodes well for the president’s chances at re-election, and for the GOP in 2018.

Despite constant criticism from the media, Hollywood, Democrats, and even some Republicans, consumer sentiment is reaching new heights, according to a recent survey by the University of Michigan.

The country is able to breath easier now, as jobs are being created, wages are growing, the stock market is thriving, and unemployment is dropping quickly, which has people feeling better than they have since 2004.

Clearly those surveyed  are more focused on the positive economic growth that America is experiencing, rather than the anti-Trump mainstream media coverage.

With the Dow Jones also hitting a new all time high today, Trump’s first year in office has been a huge economic success.

This reality is something which may become an insurmountable obstacle for Democrats, who are scrambling to prepare for the 2018 midterm elections.