Trump Delivers an Optimistic 2018 Message for Americans From Camp David

With the end of the first week of 2018 coming tomorrow, the new year is looking to be a great one, and President Trump is making sure that all of America knows he and his administration are committed to continuing “Making America Great Again.”

After a groundbreaking first year in office, the president is looking to raise the bar even higher, and in a special message to the country on Saturday, he shared his positive and optimistic plan for 2018.

In a press conference from Camp David, President Trump said “We are very well prepared for the coming year,” adding, “We finished strong,” and promising to tackle tough issues in the new year, including working with Democrats, and finding a peaceful solution to the situation with North Korea.

“I hope we are going to work out our agreements with the Democrats,” said Trump, who also said that the border wall between the United States and Mexico was nonnegotiable.

President Trump also said that as the 2018 midterm elections draw near, he will be “very involved” campaigning for Republican candidates.