Tom Perez Awkwardly Dodges, Still Won’t Admit the DNC Rigged the Primary for Hillary

Watching Tom Perez awkwardly dodge questions about the now obvious reality that the DNC was rigged for Hillary Clinton is a mind blowing experience.

Let’s remember even Elizabeth Warren has admitted the assertion that the DNC primary was rigged for Hillary is the truth. 

As reported by the FreeBeacon 

“I’ve got to ask you about Donna Brazile, Tom. Obviously she’s railing against the DNC  in her new book; we’ve seen her all over the place revealing fresh divides within the party in the aftermath of the 2016 election,” Bartiromo said.

Bartiromo then played a clip of Brazile saying Sunday that those criticizing her decision to make these revelations public can “go to hell” and that she “is going to tell [her] story.”

“Donna’s a good friend and I think you need to ask her that question,” Perez responded. “What I can tell you, Maria, is I was out on the stump everywhere and there wasn’t one person who asked me about Donna Brazile. They were asking me about their health care; they wanted to continue the process [Gov.] Terry McAuliffe has made in Virginia. They wanted to make sure we had people uniting us and not dividing us.”

Bartiromo pushed Perez to address Brazile’s comments, saying they highlight a clear division within the Democratic Party.

“If the Democratic National Committee and Debbie Wasserman Schultz had been neutral, let’s say they were neutral and they weren’t in the tank for Hillary, would Bernie Sanders have gotten the nomination and perhaps would he be president today?” Bartiromo asked.

“Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary by four million votes,” Perez said.

“But it was rigged. Now we know it was rigged.” Bartiromo interjected.