Tom Fitton: Huma in Hot Water (VIDEO)

It’s been recently discovered that Hillary’s most trusted confidant, Huma Abedin, recklessly handled classified government information, allowing it to fall into the hands of Russian hackers.

Already, President Trump has demanded justice for Huma’s irresponsible behavior, and now Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is speaking out and declaring Abedin’s actions “cries out for a criminal investigation.”

From Fox News

“Presumably, these four or five documents that were uncovered on Friday were known to the FBI at the time, but they let it go,” Fitton said. “Remember, there was other classified material they already knew about, so it was just outrage on top of outrage in terms of the failure of the FBI and Justice Department to follow up on this.”

Fitton said President Trump should demand the Justice Department conduct a “damage assessment” to see whether national security was put at risk given the sensitive materials discovered on Weiner’s laptop.

He said Trump’s appointees are making “fear-based” decisions because they do not want to go up against the “Clinton machine.” Fitton ended by saying Abedin’s emails are key to the pay-for-play investigation of the Clinton Foundation, since she was the “go-between” for favors.

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