This Creative Method Trump Used with Kim Jong-un May Have Helped Seal Peace

After a year of tension, threats, and displays of military force, the United States and North Korea have made unprecedented steps towards peace, with President Trump accomplishing progress unheard of by previous U.S. leaders.

Just days ago, Trump met with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, at a summit in Singapore, which was the first time that any U.S. president has met with a North Korean leader, and walked away from the meeting with Kim’s vow to work together with the United States towards denuclearization.

During the meeting, President Trump utilized a new innovative method of diplomacy, showing Kim a video titled “A Story of Opportunity,” which highlighted the possibilities for North Koreans, should the reclusive nation choose to work together with the United States.


The video, which showed images of city buildings, electricity and power for the Korean Peninsula, and leader Kim Jong-un’s recent meetings with South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in, which was yet another historical and unprecedented first for the two nations.

With the progress made so far, it is fair to say that unlike previous administrations, which refused to attempt peace talks with North Korea, President Trump has moved the world closer to peace, and has put the North Korean people in a position to receive the aid they desperately need.