Supreme Court Delivers President Trump a Huge Win by Allowing Full Travel Ban

On Monday, the Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a decisive victory, allowing the full implementation of the president’s travel ban, which has been bitterly contested by liberals.

The travel restrictions prevent the entry of people from countries that are hotbeds of Islamic terrorist activity into the United States, and has been a target of Democrats and Obama-era activist judges, who have fought against it from the start.

Now, despite the left’s constant efforts to undermine the ban, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor, and will allow the ban to be fully enforced, something that will doubtlessly keep Americans safe.

The ban, which the Trump administration refers to as “common sense travel restrictions,” prevents entry into the United States of anyone from Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Syria, and Chad.

“We are pleased that the Supreme Court has agreed to allow us to fulfill this most vital mission performed by any sovereign nation,” said Department of Homeland Security’s Press Secretary.

Despite criticism and the promise of “resistance” from far-left groups like the ACLU, who have fought against the will of the country, the Supreme Court and the American people have demanded these safety measures be put into place.

Regardless of what the left says, President Trump’s travel restrictions are designed to save American lives, and to stop the influx of terrorists into this country.

Clearly, as Democrats continue to fight against the ban, they prove that they aren’t interested in the safety of the American people, and are willing to put our lives at risk to undermine the president.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court sided not just with President Trump, but with the entire country, and made the right choice for everyone.