Spurs’ Coach Decision to Attack Trump Leads to Angry Fan Backlash!

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich apparently did not learn a thing from the ratings challenged NFL, ESPN, or any of the Hollywood award shows suffering from record low ratings as a direct result of their decision to promote an anti-Trump stance.

Now that Popovich  has publicly chosen to broadcast his extreme distaste for our President, long time Spurs fans are extremely angry and “turned off.”

As reported by FoxNews 

Once-dedicated fans of the NBA’s seventh-seed San Antonio Spurs are increasingly spurning the team because of its head coach’s virulent anti-Trump comments, according to a new report.

League veteran Gregg Popovich, 69, has been particularly outspoken about the new White House, calling Trump a “coward” and a “pathological liar” who is “unfit intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically.”

In March, Popovich questioned whether the Second Amendment is “useful” any longer, and said Trump “brings out the dark side of human beings” — criticisms that many of the Spurs faithful took personally.

“I am completely turned off,” Spurs ex-fan Cassandra Casanova, 65, told The Washington Post. “After all those years supporting the team, and now I just have no interest. Popovich really messed up.”

Casanova claimed she donated dozens of team t-shirts and other merchandise to charity, and simply ignored the team’s playoff opener defeat against the Golden State Warriors in Oakland.

“That’s how angry I got. It ruined my basketball life,” she added. “I took it personally. I was such a loyal fan, and he insulted me. Why would you start attacking the people who had been so loyal?”

Another veteran Spurs fan interviewed by the paper said he was particularly peeved by Popovich’s obstinance.

“I often curse Pop for doing what he did,” said Bob Mulherin. “He insulted more than half of the Spurs’ fan base, and no sign whatsoever of an apology.”