SOTU attendees sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to survivor of Holocaust, 2018 synagogue shooting

As reported by TheHill

Judah Samet attended the address as a guest of the White House. President Trump acknowledged him in the crowd, prompting a standing ovation, and noted it was Samet’s 81st birthday.

Attendees then broke into song, with Trump mock-conducting from the dais.

“Thank you!” Samet shouted.

“They wouldn’t do that for me, Judah,” Trump joked, before continuing on in his speech.


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Samet is a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, where a gunman opened fire last October, killing 11 people.

The White House also hosted Timothy Matson, a member of the Pittsburgh Police Department who suffered multiple gunshot wounds while responding to the shooting.

Trump recognized Matson’s efforts, prompting another standing ovation from attendees.