Kirstin Gillibrand’s Sudden Disavowal of Bill Clinton Reeks of Hypocrisy

After Senator Gillibrand decided to play politics and admitted that she did believe that Bill Clinton should have resigned over his sexual misconduct with intern Monica Lewinsky, the Democratic Party was shattered even further.

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, radio talk show host Michael Graham made an excellent point, asking what Senator Gillibrand learned about Bill Clinton yesterday that she didn’t know in previous years.

Indeed, Gillibrand has been one of the Clintons’ most ardent supporters, as Tucker pointed out, asking “Do you think it’s fair to have a ‘day of reckoning,’ not just for the Clintons, but for their supporters, like Gillibrand?”

Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual abuse allegations is no secret: it’s been an international joke since the 1990’s, and humiliated our country to the rest of the world- to say that Democrats were unaware of his deviant and predatory behavior is absurd.

Now, it’s “popular” to make accusations of sexual harassment and abuse, and Democrats (who once shielded Bill Clinton) are finally being forced to examine the accusations against him.

Politicians who enabled Bill Clinton’s behavior, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, are just as guilty as he is, and should be held accountable for “looking the other way” while he embarrassed our country and abused innocent victims.

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