Scholastic’s New School Catalog Hawks Books To Saturate Kids With Identity Politics


The Federalist

This year’s back to school catalog for grades three to six from Scholastic, a children’s publishing giant, features books selected through a partnership with the identity politics pressure group We Need Diverse Books. The results are about what you might imagine.

The catalog’s front page features books about a Pakistani-American girl whose Milwaukee mosque is vandalized in a “hate crime,” a girl who finds out “her dad is secretly dating her best friend’s mom,” and a book about “Native American Heroes” who of course include political activists. Delightful. Third through sixth graders — who are approximately ages eight to twelve — definitely need this kind of broadening of their childish perspectives.

Inside, we find a novel about a middle-school girl who is cast as Romeo in the school production of “Romeo and Juliet” and finds herself attracted to the also-female lead playing Juliet. Is it possible to be bisexual in middle school, the catalog copy breathlessly asks?

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There’s also a graphic novel illustrating the plight of Syria refugees, titled “Unwanted.” Inside, accompanied by depictions of mass misery and repression, author Dan Brown says that he visited several Syrian refugee camps, which “made me a more sensitive witness to the refugees’ dilemma and a more powerful advocate for their salvation.”

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