Sarah Sanders: I’m pretty sure Democrats ‘don’t even like America’

As reported by FoxNews

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ripped Democrats Monday while appearing on “Hannity,” saying she wasn’t sure they even like America.

“If you listen to what they’re saying everything they have to say is so negative. And you saw the exact opposite of that from the president tonight,” Sanders said.

“I hope that people will continue to look at that contrast and see that you have somebody who loves this country loves all of the citizens of this country versus the Democrats who have nothing to do but take the president… [and] try to tear him down.

Trump held a rally Monday evening in North Carolina just hours to go before voters headed to the polls in a pivotal toss-up special election that will decide the winner of a long-contested — and long-vacant — House seat.

On “Hannity,” Sanders took Democrats to task for returning to Congress and focusing on impeachment.

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“They just this week, they finally come back to work and the only thing that they can do is try to figure out how to impeach the president,” Sanders said.

“They are terrified of his success because they know that the more he continues to do well and win the harder it is for Democrats to get elected. And that is their singular focus. It has nothing to do with helping America. It has nothing to do with helping people across this country.”

“I’m pretty sure they don’t even like America,” Sanders added.