Sanders Camp: The Fix Was in Against Us

President Trump repeated multiple times during the general election that he felt the DNC primary was essentially rigged against Bernie Sanders. This was met with widespread condemnation and ridicule from the liberal mainstream media.

After Donna Brazile’s bombshell revelations of Clinton rigging, nobody is laughing anymore and Sanders’ campaign now agree with the notion the “fix was in” against him.

As reported at NBCNews

Bernie Sanders campaign says they now have proof.

With last year’s primary still roiling the Democratic party more than a year later, two former Bernie Sanders campaign officials are charging the Democratic National Committee offered their campaign a less favorable fundraising deal than Hillary Clinton’s team received.

The issue of whether the party was playing favorites in 2016 has been thrust to the fore this week after former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile released an excerpt of a forthcoming book that alleges the party, under her predecessor, essentially let itself be taken over by the Clinton campaign ahead of the 2016 presidential primaries through such an agreement.

Almost two years since the start of the Democratic primary season, the party is still fighting many of the same battles, with both sides insisting they want to move on if only the other would let them.

The allegations from Brazile, a longtime party operative who once managed Al Gore’s presidential campaign, have fed into Sanders supporters’ pre-existing grievances and left Clinton loyalists once again claiming there’s nothing to see here.

Brazile called what happened a “cancer” on the party and said it revealed the DNC’s unfair favoritism of Clinton during the primaries, when the national party organization was supposed to be neutral in such a contest.

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