Rush: Ukraine Scandal Threatens to Take Out Biden, Not Trump

RUSH: You know what’s really funny about this Ukraine business, folks? What’s really funny about it to me is that Biden doesn’t realize that this is an effort to take him out! And it began in June with an ABC News report on this very act of corruption that Biden committed! And I highlighted that story back in June. You can see it at

I went back and looked at it today, and it was clear that the Drive-By Media, ABC had decided — and we now know that it’s true – they’ve been trying to take Biden out for a long time, and that’s what the real possibility of this ultimately is, not Trump.

Anyway, great to be back here, folks. I know it’s been a nail-biter of a weekend for you as we’ve once again had to put up with a bunch of hysteria from the Drive-By Media as they think they’ve got the next Russian collusion story, the next obstruction of justice or whatever it is, they think they’ve got it. This time they’re gonna get him. This time they’re gonna get Donald Trump.

No, they are not. In fact, things are trending away from them.


RUSH: Now, in Ukraine, let me jump back to this for a second ’cause I’m trying to put all this in perspective here without focusing on the, “Oh, my God. Trump’s in trouble, oh, my God. What are we gonna do?” ’cause I don’t think that’s the case here. I don’t feel any different about this than I did on Friday. He can talk to whoever he wants to. What this does is actually establish the intelligence community is spying on the guy. He’s been right all along.

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He can talk to whoever he wants. Besides that, Biden did all of this stuff that Trump is accusing him of. Biden did it. We’ve got it on tape! We got Biden admitting all of this stuff. That’s why I think that Biden is actually gonna be the ultimate victim here.

Oh. Oh. oh. Wait. This is an anniversary, before I get back to this. Audio sound bite number 9. You have audio sound bites number 9? This is September 23rd, 1987. This very day back in 1987, the late Peter Jennings of ABC News.

JENNINGS: The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is the man in the dock for using other people’s words without credit and being less than truthful about the credits he received at law school and at college.

RUSH: Right. So what’s this all about? Well, we go to audio sound bite number 10, same date, September 23rd, 1987, Capitol Hill, Senator Joe Biden held a presser.

BIDEN: I do it with incredible reluctance and it makes me angry. I’m angry at myself for having been put in the position, put myself in the position of having to make this choice. And I am no less frustrated with the environment of presidential politics. Be that as it may, I’ve concluded that I will stop being a candidate for president of the United States

RUSH: That’s a unique way of saying, “I will stop being a candidate.” I mean, he quit! He resigned the race because of the plagiarism charge. He literally stole word-for-word a speech by the Labor Party leader in the U.K. at the time, a genuine lunatic named Neil Kinnock.

Biden’s out there, I mean, even Kinnock’s life story of growing up on a pig farm, in a pig sewer or whatever, Biden stole that! He changed the animal from pig to something else, but he stole everything about it. He got caught big time, had to quit the presidential race. Today is the anniversary of that.

And I think we’re close, not imminently, but we are close to the fact that what this really is gonna end up being is a way to nudge Plugs out of the race because he did it. He threatened, blackmailed, all kinds of things, the Ukrainian government to benefit his kid. He handpicked and chose a prosecutor. Everything Trump is saying about this is correct.

And how about the height of hypocrisy? All these media people, Democrats, running around wringing their hands, “Oh, it’s so horrible, how dare you ask a foreign country to dig up dirt on a presidential candidate.” (laughing) Have you ever heard of Hillary Clinton? A foreign government to help dig up dirt? Ever heard of Steele, Christopher Steele, the Steele dossier? You ever heard of the Russians and the FBI and the DOJ working with the U.K. to try to plant spies in the Trump campaign? Are these people this dumb?

I’m gonna read you a quote here, a tweet — well, I don’t know if it’s a tweet, but it’s a report from Jeffrey Toobin, who’s the legal analyst at CNN. It was posted by Paul Sperry. And here’s the tweet: “CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin without a hint of irony says he’s scandalized by a president using a foreign power to investigate a private citizen for political gain: ‘Could anyone even conceive of a president of the United States doing something like this?!’”

So the question, are they really this dumb? I’m seriously asking the question. Are they this dumb? Do they not know how Obama’s DOJ, FBI, all of that, ran this scam, this private, silent coup to get Donald Trump’s election victory reversed and then to get him impeached? They must still think that Trump colluded with the Russians.

In fact, people say Antonio Brown’s lost his mind. I think the Democrats ought to recruit him as a candidate because it’s like minds. He has lost his mind, but so have they. They are running around still acting like Trump colluded with Russia. They are tweeting it, they’re writing about it, they’re speaking about it on TV. They’ve got themselves convinced it happened and they’ve got themselves convinced that Mueller reported it in his report, when he didn’t!

It’s gone beyond delusional now. They need therapy. These people literally need help. They are so lost in all this. “He’s scandalized by a president using a foreign power to investigate a private citizen for political gain: ‘Could anyone even conceive of this?’ Yes, Obama, 2016!”

Make book on it! It’s a genuine question. Are they really this dumb? Are they really this stupid? Or is it just they live in such a tiny tunnel-vision world that nothing outside it gets in? And they get themselves believing that Trump colluded and that’s it, he did. The fact that Mueller didn’t report it doesn’t matter. It did. They’re gonna impeach him for it. He colluded; he obstructed. Nothing exists in the form of proof. I don’t know if they’re sticking with it as a political strategy or they’re really this out of it.

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