Rush: Trump Crucial to Republican Victories, Well Set Up for Reelection

RUSH: I cannot emphasize how important something is here. And not to keep pounding this. But the Republicans who fell for this blue wave crap and announced their retirements or resignations are the primary reason I think the House was lost. That’s just a lot of incumbency that you lose, practically automatically reelected. At least a decent portion of them would have been.

But the real important thing is the belief that Donald Trump is a drag on the Republican Party, that so many of these Republicans have been running around harboring for all these two years, what happened yesterday was made crystal clear. Donald Trump is crucial to Republican victory.

Nine out of 11 Republicans that Trump focused on and stumped for won, including Josh Hawley in Missouri, including in Indiana. Donald Trump did not hurt Republicans. Donald Trump saved Republicans. And every other Republican who has believed that Trump is an albatross has got to reexamine this. And they’ve got to conclude the right thing about it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, how are they gonna respond to this? The worst thing in the world for them is to realize that Trump is a net plus. Official Washington has believed for two years that Trump is the ruination of the Republican Party. It’s quite the opposite.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thank you and Mr. Snerdley for takin’ my call.

RUSH: You bet.

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CALLER: I was instructed to be brief, and I will try to be so. This morning many people were very, uhhh, dejected based on the results, and much like you have said before, I turned it around. I said, “You can’t go to negative. It costs more energy to be positive.” But this is just setting us up for 2020, where the Dems are gonna get their chance now and, I feel, are gonna fail miserably, and the American people will be able to see that and come back with a real firestorm in 2020. That’s my concept.

RUSH: Well, that’s likely. (sigh) It becomes… (chuckles) Well, I was gonna say, “It becomes difficult to predict the future.” It’s impossible, actually. But we can give it a shot, and I know what your thinking is. Your thinking is that the Democrats are gonna be who they are, and they’re gonna follow through on trying to get Trump out of office. They still haven’t accepted that they lost the election. They still haven’t accepted that Trump won. It’s still what’s driving them. Not just in the House; Democrats everywhere.

But Adam Schiff, for example, is gonna take over the House committee that Nunes is running. I get them confused. But he’s gonna be do nothing… He’s gonna do nothing but investigate Trump on Russia and tax returns. It’s gonna be flying subpoenas all over the place. The only caveat is whoever the speaker is. The smart money says it’s gonna be Pelosi, but I really am gonna be keeping a sharp eye out for some of these new arrivals on the Democrat side, some of these young Millennial types — who, believe me, know more than anything about anybody.

They know more than anybody knows, and they have no patience. I mean, we’re almost in a Logan’s Run. Remember that movie where everybody over 30 was killed? Well, we’re not quite there, but the attitude here is that old people need to get out of the way and stop slowing things down and screwing things up. Old people simply can’t relate to the present. They can’t… (interruption) Do what? Well, Pelosi…

The question is being asked, “Will the newcomers be threatened?” Sure. But you can’t threaten Ocasio-Cortez. In fact, she’s got a new way of dealing with questions that she can’t answer. She’s telling people, “You’re not qualified to ask me that. You have no business asking me that!” See, that’s the way she’s gonna deal with the questions like, “How are you gonna pay for this this $40 trillion Medicare for all and everything else?”

“You’re not qualified to ask me that because you haven’t fixed your own spending problem. Until you fix your own spending, you can’t question me!” That’s how she’s gonna shut it down. The tradition is — and this is both parties, by the way. The newbies are brought in by leadership. (interruption) There’s a mic open somewhere. I’m hearing something from somewhere. (interruption) Thank you. Newbies are brought in, and they’re given the lay of the land. The leadership will say, “Okay. Welcome. It’s great to have you here in the House of Representatives. Do you want to stay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I really want to.”

“Fine. You vote the way we tell you. If you vote the way we tell you, then maybe — bide your time, be patient — you’ll get a committee appointment, and then maybe we’ll get you some reelection money. And maybe we’ll try to get behind you here as the whole Democrat Party or Republican Party and help you advance in the House. If you don’t vote the way that we want you to vote, then you’re gonna be a nonperson here.” Luis Gutierrez in his freshman year admitted all of this on 60 Minutes (chuckles) when he was a freshman Democrat.

He won’t say it publicly anymore.

But I don’t see this new crop putting up with that. I see them sitting here as Pelosi gives them that lay of the land and firing right back, “Who are you, old woman? You got no business telling us what to do! You think you run this place? It’s your turn to get out of the way. You don’t threaten me.” I’m saying, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. But, anyway, there’s simply no way that any element of a Democrat agenda can move forward here without somebody, somewhere caving in on it.

Trump’s got his agenda items. The Democrats are not gonna help Trump do anything. They’re not gonna help him do one thing, unless they cave. (sigh) Now, you know, you roll the dice. We have experience with people caving all the time. We don’t have a history of Trump doing it. So let’s assume that there’s gridlock, which is the natural state in divided government — and, by the way, this is exactly as designed. The founders of our government wanted it to do as little as possible.

And the reason for all of these checks and balances was to make sure that government moved at a snail’s pace in getting bigger. The founders distrusted government. That’s why the Bill of Rights and the Constitution limits government, puts limits on what government can do. Well, the left doesn’t like that. They think the Constitution’s outdated, needs to be rewritten, and things the government can do need to be specified. So they’re not gonna help any element of the Trump agenda unless the Trump agenda is exactly what they want.

Pick an issue. If the Democrats get amnesty? If Trump says, “Fine. I’ll give you whatever you want,” no wall, whatever, then of course they’ll go along with that. But if Trump bucks them on anything, nothing is gonna get done. That is to Trump’s benefit for 2020. So I happen to think that because of last night Trump… (chuckles) It’s kind of risky thing to say at this point, but it may well be that Trump got reelected last night, if the Democrats play to type.

If they do nothing but investigate, start having multiple subpoenas flying around, if they do nothing but investigate the entire Trump administration, cabinet appointments, everything that they’re upset about. But, remember, the Democrats believe that every one of their voters despises and hates Donald Trump, and they think to get reelected themselves they have to destroy Trump. So that’s gonna be their objective. But Trump’s agenda — very important parts of it — can move forward in the Senate, such as judicial appointments, cabinet appointments.

There is nothing the House of Representatives can do to stop Trump and judges. There’s nothing Pelosi or anybody in the House can do to stop Trump and his appointments to the cabinet. If they try for impeachment? Fine, let ’em do it. But there’s never gonna be… I don’t care how these races in the Senate go — and, by the way, Jon Tester has just been proclaimed the winner in Montana; so that’s disappointing. Oh, and guess what? I just got a note. “They just found 500,000 votes in Phoenix. Just happened to find 500,000 votes in Phoenix.”

That’s the race between Sinema and Martha McSally that even this morning only 75% of the votes had been counted. So that one was hanging around out there. Nelson is calling for a recount in Florida. Rick Scott, the Republican. Come on, let’s just move forward. There’s no need for a recount. The odds are, if everybody plays to type, that the Democrats are going to make it impossible for anything else that would be beneficial to the people of this country from happening. No additional tax cuts, no additional things that would spur the economy.

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