Rush: The Mueller Investigation Is a Setup

RUSH: We’re gonna start in Hartland, Wisconsin. Nikki, you’re first as we hit the phones today. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. The Russian hoax, it was a setup — I believe you’re right — from the start. They needed… To make the hoax fly, the collusion thing, they had to have Trump connected to Russians. Now, you mentioned the Papadopoulos thing, but then there was the Russia lawyer. The lawyer met with Fusion GPS before the meeting with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower and right after. And then, after that in December, end of December, they were complaining, remember?

Trump didn’t want to have daily briefings ’cause it was the same thing over and over again. They were real upset about that. Well, if you remember the meeting with Obama on January 5th where he meet with Brennan and Clapper and Comey was the day before Comey briefed Trump on the dossier when they leaked that to the media.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Well, then they wanted to move on, I think, from that to the obstruction thing. Because I remember early on in the administration when he took office, McCabe went to the White House, and he cornered Reince Priebus and said to him, “Well, you know, the FBI knows that’s all bogus, the whole thing with Russia.” And when Reince Priebus says, “Well, how do we straighten that out with the media?” McCabe says, “Well, call me later, and the minute he called him, then they leaked to the media again that the White House is calling them trying to squash the story.

RUSH: Right! Exactly! They got on Priebus for trying to manipulate the FBI. You’re so right! In every instance of this, we have setups. Practically every element of this investigation results from a setup. And I guess at the root of this… Now, you may think this is a rhetorical question or a question that answers itself, but stop and think of the effort that has gone into denying Donald Trump the presidency — and then after he wins it, doing everything…

I mean, these people have thrown the kitchen sink. They have taken every trick in their arsenal and they have deployed it against Donald Trump for the express purpose of getting rid of him, forcing him to resign, lowering his public approval numbers to the point that he’d lost all support. This is what they were trying to do. Now, stop just for a moment. We know who these people are. They are the Washington establishment. These are the people who consider themselves elites.

These are the people that are better than all the rest of us, and these are people — in their minds — who run the world. And the United States is nothing but a cog in the whole wheel that is the world. It’s nothing… It’s one of the biggest, but these people don’t have any particular allegiance to it like you and I do, in terms of American exceptionalism, moral leadership, moral superiority. To them, it’s a golden goose economically. It is a vast military power and has the ability to project it.

But beyond that it is nothing more than one of the many elements of the world that they control. And look at the panic. Look at abject panic at the thought that they might lose control of the United States as they run the world. And that happened during the campaign. Because, believe me, at some point during this campaign, they began to believe Trump could win, which is what all of this before the election was about. Remember, all of this started in July of 2016.

The election was in November. Now, they were not talking about Russian collusion per se in this era because they didn’t want to taint Hillary’s win, which they hoped and thought would happen. But they did try to make the case that Trump was colluding with Russia, not Hillary, that the Russians were trying to aid Trump’s victory. These people had a genuine fear they were gonna lose their grip on controlling the United States as they control the world.

And the thought of losing control of the United States sent them into degrees and levels of panic that I don’t think we yet fully realize, even though we see it all and all of this registers. Now we’ve learned — Nikki here is really correct — everything that has ended up making news designed to show Trump colluded or Trump obstructed is the result of setups. Her example of Priebus is great. Reince Priebus, the chief of staff, is in the White House one day, and the news at this particular point in time was intensely anti-Trump.

This was the period of time where the deep state was feeding the New York Times and CNN four stories a day on Trump-Russia collusion, and Priebus… It was so bad, Priebus came on this show a couple days after all this to try to straighten this out. What happens is Priebus says that Andrew McCabe happens to be in the White House that day and seeks Priebus out, goes to his office and says, “Look, we know all this stuff in the New York Times…

“We know it’s BS. We know there wasn’t any collusion. We know that this didn’t happen.” And Priebus is dumbstruck. “If you know it, why is it being reported? If you know it, why aren’t you correcting it?” McCabe then tells the media that Priebus was leaning on him to influence the media! McCabe does not tell the media that he happened to seek Priebus out and tell him it’s all BS. McCabe tells the media that Priebus sought him out.

This is the same thing that happened with Comey and Trump. Comey set Trump up to get the dossier in the news by presenting him the dossier. James Clapper tells Comey to tell Trump about the dossier, and particularly the pee story, the golden showers story. ‘Cause that’s what they wanted out there. So Comey has admitted that was his assignment. He tells Trump about the dossier; Clapper then is informed by Comey that mission accomplished.

Clapper then tells CNN and CNN runs a story four days later on January 10th that the intelligence community has shown President Trump this dossier and they’re very concerned about. That put it flat-out right there in the news, and it was nothing more than a setup. And CNN, back in May, maybe late April, got an award from the White House Correspondents’ Association for this daring, brave breaking news which was nothing more than a setup engineered by James Clapper who lied about it and then didn’t lie about it, and then who ended up being hired by CNN.

So you could even say that Clapper was paid to do this, in the end. Then the story of George Papadopoulos, who, after the Carter Page angle bombed out as the supposed reason for the investigation, reason for the FISA warrant, then they set up George Papadopoulos, a little peripheral foreign policy so-called adviser. He wasn’t even that. I don’t mean to diminish Papadopoulos; please don’t misunderstood. But in the big scheme he was not a player.

But he was spotted as somebody that wanted to be a player, so he was cultivated by British intelligence and who we know how is the British informant or spy the FBI was using. And they implant information with Papadopoulos that the Russians have thousands of Hillary Clinton hacked emails. They tell him this. Effectively, the FBI and their associates in the United Kingdom tell Papadopoulos this.

That was to set up a meeting that they arranged with Papadopoulos and the Australian ambassador at a bar in London in which Papadopoulos, after having too much to drink, starts bragging about what he knows to the Australian ambassador, that the Russians have a whole bunch of hacked Hillary Clinton emails.

This allows the Australian ambassador ostensibly to call the CIA and the FBI, “Guess what? I just heard from a Trump campaign official that the Russians have hacked Hillary Clinton emails, and the Trump campaign knows about it.” Papadopoulos didn’t know anything. They told him. That then triggered the current phase of this investigation, as announced by the New York Times over New Year’s weekend in a very lengthy story.

This is, as I say, the CliffsNotes version this of. But the point is none of this is real. It was all set up. To call it entrapment is maybe a little bit much because entrapment is used to get somebody you know is guilty. This was just a circular firing squad in a sense, circular intel, if you will. They plant essentially what they want to be attributed to the Trump administration. They plant it in a peripheral Trump foreign policy adviser. Then they arrange a meeting for him with an Australian ambassador, who then hears this news and we’re off to the races.

And none of it is real, none of it.

And the collusion has fallen apart, and the obstruction. There isn’t any obstruction. The president cannot obstruct by doing his constitutional duties. So what we’re left with here is look at the lengths to which these people have gone to, A, prevent Trump from winning, and then, after that, doing their best to get rid of him, to force him to resign, to force all public support to abandon him.

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