Rush: The Left’s Goal of Using “Russia Collusion” to Get Rid of Trump Has Failed


I believe now… I can reliably tell you that I have learned — I believe — that the original objective of the Trump-Russia collusion was to get rid of Trump by July of 2017. I think that was the objective, and I think that’s what they all thought they were going to be able to do. This entirely made-up story that is perhaps one of the biggest political scandals of our lifetimes, ladies and gentlemen… I believe the people practicing it, the people engaged in it — which includes the intelligence community and the American media working hand in hand.

I believe they believed they were gonna get rid of Trump by last summer, and that hasn’t happened, obviously. And that whole thing has produced a big, fat zero. Now, they may believe they’re winning the day-to-day perception war with the Drive-By Media. But they are not causing Trump to lose any of his support. His support is growing. His approval numbers are growing. The frustration, anger, and hatred on the left is what’s growing. And it’s expanding. And that kind of poison is not helpful.

But it is growing. They are not meeting their expectations. They are not accomplishing what they set out to do. Remember, these are the people in the establishment. They run the show. They’re not used to not getting their way. They’re not used to accomplishing what they set out to accomplish, particularly within the boundaries of the ruling class. Trump is still there, and they’re beside themselves. They’re now throwing it up against the wall.

There’s nothing to this scandal, but they’re still trying to make it look like there is. Now this announcement on North Korea — and Trump’s not supposed to be able to do this! “Only really smart people like Obama and Madeleine Albright are supposed to be able to do this. Trump can’t do this. What the hell is happening?” they’re asking themselves. “Why didn’t Kim Jong-un ask to meet with Obama? That’s who he should have wanted to talk to.

“Obama’s Mr. Wizard. Obama’s the Wizard of Smart. That’s who Kim Jong-un should have wanted to talk to.” I think he did, and Obama said no. Not sure which — I’m not sure which of that, but they’re offended! “None of this should be happening! The economy shouldn’t be doing what it’s doing under Trump, ’cause Trump’s an idiot, doesn’t know what he’s doing. Trump’s a bull in a china shop. Trump’s an embarrassment.”

Trump is literally blowing up so much of what they believe, so much of what they think they’ve established and etched in stone. He’s blowing up it up, and they are unable to deal with this. Byron York tweeted yesterday a reminder about one of the jokes Trump told at the Gridiron Dinner on Saturday night. Trump actually told a joke at the gridiron dinner about Kim Jong-un. “I won’t rule out direct talks with Kim Jong-un. I just won’t.

“As far as the risk of dealing with a madman’s concerned, that’s his problem, not mine.” Self-deprecating humor of the first order, comically fun and hilarious: Trump making fun of himself. But you know what makes great comedy: The truth. The element of truth is what makes comedy edgy and laughingly fun. So let’s go to this program, rewinding the hands of time. April 11th, 2017. I was asked my opinion on Trump’s approach to North Korea.


RUSH ARCHIVE: What’s everybody so concerned about here? This Little Kim guy had been launching his putrid little missiles trying to hit us for how many years now, and then his father prior to that. And they keep plunking in the Pacific Ocean someplace. Look, keep aiming, Little Kim. I think our message is, “Keep aiming, Little Kim — and if you get close to us, you’re gonna pay the price for it.” The North Koreans should have been taken out years ago.

Clinton should have taken them out. You remember Madeleine Albright and some of the ridiculous things she said about the North Koreans, and it then it continued with the Bush administration really just huffed and puffed. I think what Trump is employing — and you leftists ought to love this. I think Trump is employing the madman strategy. These are genuine madmen in North Korea.

These people are literally off-the-charts insane, and it might be something as simple as inbreeding. Who the hell knows. These people are odd. You have to admit it, folks. So Trump may be thinking, “You know what? I’m gonna make them think I’m unpredictable. I’m gonna make them think that I am a madman. I’m gonna reverse the table on ’em, and I’m gonna make them think I’m the one that’s unpredictable.” Because they have been able to launch their putrid little missiles here for decades with the knowledge that nobody’s gonna do anything about it.


RUSH: Bingo. Bingo. And what’s Trump joke about Saturday night? “I won’t rule out direct talks with Kim Jong-un. I just won’t. As far as the risk of dealing with a madman’s concerned, that’s his problem, not mine.” I knew it! Folks, I knew it! That’s why I said it in April of last year, April of 2017. And what has happened? When Trump calls the guy “rocket man,” when Trump threatens to fire back, when Trump says his button is bigger than Kim Jong-un’s…

Remember, Kim Jong-un, after a couple of these episodes actually called some people in Washington, D.C., and asked them, “Who is this guy?” He asked them for help in understanding Donald Trump. Trump purposely portrayed himself as unpredictable and more maybe off the charts than Kim Jong-un even is. All Kim Jong-un knew prior to that was these buttoned-down, ruling class guys like Obama — fastidious, sophisticated, crease in the slacks, you know, that kind of stuff.

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