RUSH: If Dossier Was Used To Get FISA Warrant, It Means They Had NOTHING On Collusion

RUSH: You remember when Trump in March of — I think it was last year — 2017 sends out this tweet that alludes to the fact that his “wires were tapped” at Trump Tower. Remember everybody laughed and made fun of him and said, “What, are you kidding?

“What do you mean, your ‘wires were tapped’? Are you trying to say that you were being spied on at Trump Tower?” Well, we do know that at some point Trump moved his transition office from Trump Tower to his golf course property in New Jersey after a visit from the director of the NSA at the time, Admiral Mike Rogers. So I think the president knows much more about this than he’s announcing. He had his press conference yesterday where he mentioned eight times that there was no collusion with Russia, that this whole thing is bogus.

The Drive-By Media is making fun of Trump for mentioning it eight times, and CNN specifically says, “You know, this is really crazy! He denies it eight times? This is weird. Why, just one time would suffice. Why do you gotta do it eight times?” Now they’re using the mentioning eight times to suggest that maybe Trump’s guilty and is nervous about it, covering up. My point is I think Trump knows whether… He certainly can know. He’s the president, runs the executive branch. He can find out what happened with that FISA application.

He may have, and he may know. And it may be why he’s sounding more and more adamant and confident about this, because he may know. He may know that it was used to secure a FISA warrant to spy on his campaign and on his transition. I’m just gonna say again, if it’s born out… Common sense right now (you know, intelligence guided by experience) tells us that that’s what the Obama team was using this thing for, that they were spying.

RUSH: Now, remember, folks, that FISA warrant… The dossier is bogus. Nothing, nothing verified. If they use that to surveil the Trump administration for collusion with Russia, it means they had nothing! They had zilch, zero, nada evidence on Trump collusion with Russia! None! If they used the dossier to get a warrant — they’ve been using it anyway — they’ve got nothing, because the dossier is totally bogus!


Source : DailyRushbo