Rudy Predicts Mueller’s Case Will Blow Up

RUSH: Rudy says that the Mueller case isn’t gonna fizzle out, it’s gonna blow up, it’s gonna blow up on Mueller. They got all kinds of stuff they’re holding back. They can’t wait ’til it all comes out. And I think we all have a — well, I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea the kind of stuff Giuliani’s talking about here.

He says we want to wrap this up by September. If this isn’t wrapped up by September 1, we’re gonna have a serious problem. I think they’re gonna have a serious problem. I think Mueller intends to wrap this up by September 1. The Manafort trial, I mean, there’s another one starting in September in the district.


RUSH: Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani was on Fox last night, and he said that this whole investigation is not gonna fizzle. It is going to blow up. “The real story here is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle. It’s going to blow up on them. The real question is what we talked about before. There’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet.” To the audio sound bites we go. Start here at number 4. It’s on Sean Hannity’s show last night.

Question: “The Constitution is on the president’s side. If he wants a fight –” This is all about whether he should sit for his interview with Mueller or not. And they flatly refused an interview over collusion or obstruction. And they finally admitted it’s a perjury trap that Mueller wants to set, and they’re not gonna walk into it. This has all been smoke and mirrors anyway. Trump was never gonna sit for an interview that would lead to a possible perjury trap. The idea that he might, I’m telling you, all of this is politics.

You’ve got to look at this entire thing with Mueller now not as a matter of law, even though he’s a lawyer, it’s a special counsel investigation, this is pure politics. And the reason it is is because the president’s not gonna be indicted. The Department of Justice has guidelines since 1973. Presidents cannot be indicted. And Trump’s not gonna be impeached and removed from office, no matter what happens in the November elections. There will never be the votes to do that.

So the only possible way they can get rid of Trump here is via politics, and that’s to drive his approval numbers down so that Republicans in Congress have no reason to support him. If Republicans in Congress — the House and Senate — could be forced to abandon their support for Trump, as happened to Nixon, then he would have to go. I don’t know if Trump would play ball even in that scenario like Nixon did. I think Trump would dare them to impeach him and try to remove him. I don’t think Trump’s gonna play ball the way the establishment thinks.

But that’s the only avenue here. The point is it’s politics. And everybody’s upset with Rudy, “Rudy’s not acting as a good lawyer.” Rudy’s not acting as a lawyer, period. Rudy is conducting a political barroom fight. And they’re also at the same time, they’re trying to drive Mueller’s approval numbers down precisely because this is a political battle, not legal. So Hannity’s question: “The Constitution’s on the president’s side,” meaning he doesn’t have to answer a subpoena, he doesn’t have to talk to Mueller. He says if he wants a fight, there’s gonna be a fight.

GIULIANI: The real story here is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle. It’s going to blow up on them. The real question is what we talked about before. There’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet. A lot more to the obstruction of justice, to the collusion, to the fake dossier.

HANNITY: Oh, I know a lot.

GIULIANI: To try to bring Steele back in when he was completely discredited. And Mueller is going to have a lot to answer for. I said a long time ago the investigation here has to be on the investigators. Because we can’t let this happen again in American history.

RUSH: Rudy could have said this at any time in this investigation, because this is exactly right. And I’ve maintained that, you know, my opinion, this investigation is really nothing but an elaborate cover-up of the efforts that were undertaken to exonerate Hillary Clinton. And, remember, this is also, I think to me, something I keep in mind at all times when I think about this entire scenario of the dossier and Clinton opposition research and the supposed idea that Trump colluded with Russia and the election’s illegitimate.

What really, really drove all of this is the knowledge on the part of the deep state that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was statutorily guilty as sin. And if she was ever prosecuted and found guilty, the Democrat presidential candidate would be sent to jail for years. There are already people in jail for less than what she has done just with trafficking in classified data on an unsecured server.

Well, they have known this. They were trafficking on that server with her. Everybody in this hierarchy, the Democrat National Committee, the Obama Department of Justice which ran this whole show, the Obama Department of Justice which let the Russians do whatever they did, made no effort to stop it, everybody here knew that Hillary Clinton was guilty, everybody knew that she had committed crimes, above and beyond.

The Clinton Foundation, the soliciting of donations from around the world. That was the essence of selling policy, selling her office in advance of her winning. Everybody there knew it! What they had to do was exonerate her. They had to take steps to make sure she would never be prosecuted. They had to take steps to ensure she would never be charged. It simply wouldn’t do. They could not permit the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee to even appear to be under a legal cloud.

And so they took steps to exonerate Hillary Clinton and I believe at the same time, in order to cover up what they were really doing, they started this whole game that Trump was illegal, that Trump was corrupt, and that Trump was colluding with the Russians, the Russians were meddling with Trump.

And then when Hillary lost the election after they had gone to great lengths to exonerate her and they had put their professional reputations on the line, all of these lawyers, all of these professional people had looked the other way when Hillary Clinton and her husband were committing actual statutory crimes.

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