Rep. Matt Gaetz Speculates that the Clinton Foundation is a Money Laundering Operation

For years, Americans have known that the Clinton family is thoroughly corrupt, and even worse, seemingly above the law.

From the beginning, the duo of Bill and Hillary Clinton have been marred by accusations of corruption and far more sinister acts, and their shady “Clinton Foundation” has been the subject of much scrutiny.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz accused the Clinton family of essentially functioning as a “money-laundering operation, were people paid in order to have access to the State Department.”

Additionally, Gaetz mentioned that on several documents, certain notations were found that indicated possible “special treatment” by writing “FOB,” or “Friend of Bill.”

Now, as things start to heat up for the Clintons, the once-invincible family is appearing to be far less “untouchable” than they once appeared.

Watch the video: