Race Baiter Jorge Ramos Claims President Trump “Wants to Make America White Again”

One of the most divisive characters in the radical left is Jorge Ramos, who never misses an opportunity to inject his notorious style of race-baiting into any debate.

Ramos has made no bones about his dislike for President Trump, and as a champion of open borders and unlimited rights for illegals,  has relentlessly tried to portray Trump and his supporters inaccurately.

Following the attempted suicide bombing in New York City on Monday, in which the perpetrator was an Islamic terrorist who came into the country from a “chain migration” program, President Trump denounced the failed policy.

Naturally, Ramos and other radical leftwing instigators decried the president’s comments as racist, with Ramos going so far as to say that President Trump wanted to “Make America White Again.”

This is one more example of the left’s never ending fallback of  identity politics and over the top rhetoric.