Prominent Warren supporter says ‘she’s done’ after her poor New Hampshire results supporter says ‘she’s done’ after her poor New Hampshire results

As reported by Yahoo 

A high profile supporter of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was point blank with criticism as the candidate’s disappointing results rolled in primary night in New Hampshire.

“She’s done,” the campaign surrogate told Insider in a text Tuesday night.

Warren supporters’ outlooks ranged from disappointed to defeatist in the wake of her distant 4th place finish in New Hampshire, with the surrogate arguing that the tail end of Warren’s New Hampshire operation was bungled and less organized than it had been for most of the cycle.

“She couldn’t find/doesn’t have a lane — die hard progressives went with Bernie when they saw his health scare wasn’t lasting,” the surrogate, who asked for anonymity because they weren’t authorized by the campaign to speak publicly, said in a text message. “She couldn’t be the woman/centrist candidate with Klobuchar already there.”

Mixed signals were sent about visibility for the campaign, they said, with the surrogate and others feeling held at arms-length at times and hastily courted at others.

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The surrogate said Warren’s ground game had been the strongest in New Hampshire through the cycle, but the late-term decision making left them befuddled.

JoAnn Fenton, a prominent Democratic organizer and fundraiser in Cheshire County who endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Monday, said she felt sorry for Warren on primary night.

“I do feel really bad,” Fenton said in a text message. “What I think hurt her is not differentiating between big business/Wall Street and small business.”