President Trump’s Success with the Economy Compared to Obama’s Failure is Stunning

President Trump is keeping his campaign promise to revive the U.S Economy.

The stock market is at a historic high, unemployment is at a low and wages are finally rising once again.

Over his 8 years in office, Obama failed in all three of these key metrics of the economy that matter most.

From Daily Caller

The missing piece from the economic puzzle over the last few years — rising wages — is getting filled in a number of American cities thank to a tighter labor market.

Employers in cities like Minneapolis, Denver, and Fort Myers, Fla., are finally raising wages to attract workers as the unemployment rate sits near three percent or lower.

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“You’re seeing the first movers into full employment and past it, with the uptick in wage growth,” senior economist at Moody’s Analytics Adam Kamins told the Wall Street Journal.

The U.S. unemployment rate sits  at 4.1 percent, the lowest level in 17 years. Still, despite a prolonged period of modest economic and job growth, wages have lagged. National wages grew less than two percent in 2016.

Yet in areas with some of the lowest unemployment rates, such as Minneapolis. Private sector wage growth hit four percent — the best figures for the area in six years.

Even kitchen staffers, such as those at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater in Fort Myers, are finding their wages raised five to 10 percent.

“If you’re a dishwasher with a pulse, we’d probably hire you,” said William Prather, the owner.