President Trump Working to Give Veterans “the Best Healthcare in the World”

Long before entering the world of politics, President Trump has been an outspoken supporter and defender of our military heroes, and has gone out of his way to help them (out of pocket) long before becoming the Commander in Chief.

President Trump’s love and respect for the military is a stark contrast from his predecessor, who took every opportunity to disparage and belittle them, and whose disastrous and disrespectful policies cost soldiers’ lives.

One thing that President Trump has spoken about often is the need to ensure better care for our veterans after they return home, and has pledged to overhaul the broken Department of Veterans Affairs, rebuilding the agency to help our heroes to the best of their abilities.

For too long, our servicemen and women have been badly neglected and mistreated when they return to the U.S. after their duty is over, and up to 50,000 or more American veterans are estimated to be homeless at any given time.

After proving to the country that he’s intent on keeping his promises to the American people, by reforming the tax system, working towards repealing ObamaCare, and fighting to keep us safe from illegal criminals and terrorists, America’s veterans can rest easy knowing that President Trump is on their side.

President Trump believes that our veterans deserve the best healthcare in the world, and is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to expand and modernize their care

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