President Trump Tweets to America the REAL Story of His First 11 Months in Office

On Monday, President Trump began his week with a powerful “America First” speech, as well as a series of tweets, which chronicled the real story of his first 11 months in office the media refuses to report.

The President described representing America and the American people his “highest privilege, and greatest honor,” and said that “When the American people speaking, ALL OF US should listen.”

After reminding his supporters that their votes to “Make America Great Again” in the 2016 election were a historic part of America’s salvation, and promised that “historic” tax cuts are right around the corner.

President Trump called his tax cuts “historic,” describing his plan as the “biggest” tax cut and reform in the history of the United States.

Restoring the badly damaged American economy has been another huge priority for Trump, and after a year, the progress is undeniable, as the market surges and our economic struggles are eased.

President Trump, in a stark contrast to Barack Obama, has made restoring America’s former power and glory a top priority, and on Monday, made that very clear, saying, “We are declaring that America is in the game, and America is DETERMINED to WIN!”

The president also made sure to stress his point that serving the average American citizen and family is his top priority, and the importance of celebrating “American greatness” again, as the “shining example to the world” that it truly is.