President Trump Touts New Milestone as Stock Market Hits Record Highs

In just under a year, President Trump has accomplished a lot, especially considering the staunch opposition from Democrats, traitors in the GOP, and the biased mainstream media.

Now, as new numbers are coming out, the country is able to see just how hard our “America First” president is working on our behalf, and it’s becoming hard for his detractors to deny his success.

During his campaign, Trump spoke often of the badly damaged economy, which had suffered greatly under Barack Obama’s administration, and vowed to make things better for Americans.

Earlier today, President Trump took to Twitter, where he touted the latest economic successes, and pointed out that the American Stock Market hit a new record high, and the “confidence and enthusiasm” generated by these “great numbers.”

While discussing the Dow, which is experiencing record high numbers, President Trump did not hesitate to point out the difference between his economic policies, as opposed to the state of the economy if a Democrat had won the election.

“If the Dems had won the Presidential Election,” said Trump, “The Market would be down 50% from these [today’s] levels.”

The president also mentioned the fact that consumer confidence is at an all time high, and under a Democrat, said that the numbers would be “low and glum.”

President Trump later tweeted a Fox Business video, which discussed history being made on wall street.