Trump Thanks Geraldo for Admitting the Truth About the Liberal Media’s Agenda

Moments ago, President Trump thanked Geraldo Rivera for admitting the liberal media’s obvious agenda to distort and deceive.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Geraldo was remarkably honest about how the mainstream media does whatever it can to construe anything Trump does “in the worst possible light.”

In Puerto Rico, I saw with my eyes how the Puerto Rican people responded to the President and the first lady and then I came home and saw the 180 degree reporting. I saw they loved him, the reporter there said they hated them. I saw how it was distorted.  President Trump has the worst relationship with the media and the opposition ever. Anything he does is construed in the worst possible light.

President Trump tweeted this video clip and wrote “Thanks you @GeraldoRivera @FoxandFriends. Agree!”