President Trump Tells Emotional Story About His Brother Fred’s Addiction

On Thursday, President Trump declared the opioid addiction crisis a “national public emergency,” and gave a powerful speech on the scourge that has plagued our country for so long.

During his speech, the president mentioned his deceased older brother, Fred Trump, which is a difficult subject for him to talk about.

President Trump’s brother Fred was only a few years older, and suffered from chronic alcoholism which eventually lead to his untimely death.

“I had a brother, Fred, great guy, [he had] the best personality. Much better than mine. But he had a problem. He had a problem with alcohol,” said Trump, and said that his brother would constantly tell me, ‘Don’t drink.'”

As President Trump pointed out, teaching children early about the dangers of drugs and alcohol is the best way to set them up for success in life, rather than avoiding the issue.

“The fact is if we can teach young people and people generally not to start, it’s really, really easy not to take them up. And I think that is going to end up being our most important thing,” said Trump.

“Really tough, really big, really great advertising. So we get to people before they start so they don’t have to go through the problems of what people are going through now,” added the president, who plans to confront the opioid crisis head-on, starting with educating young Americans about the issue.