President Trump Teases Plan to Combat Opioid Crisis

One of President Trump’s goals as President, from the very beginning, has been to combat the opioid crisis that is ravaging America, claiming the lives of an alarming number of people each day.

Although previous administrations were all too happy to take unbelievable sums of money, coming in the form of campaign donations, from the big pharmaceutical companies who manufacture and distribute the dangerous and addictive drugs, President Trump refused.

Now, the president and his administration, coming off a successful first year in office, are setting their sights on the opioid crisis, and are aiming to bring an end to the death and misery caused by commercial opioids.

In a tweet on Wednesday, President Trump mused that “I think I know the answer” to the opioid crisis, but also said that he was “not sure that the country is ready for it, yet.”

The president didn’t elaborate on his plans, but clearly, the issue is on his mind, and unlike previous leaders before him, Trump is intent on tackling the issue for good.