President Trump Shares More Stellar Economics News

After a week of economic successes, Friday’s glowing jobs report was the perfect way to head into the weekend for President Trump.

The latest jobs report is yet another example of President Trump’s “America First” agenda at work for the people, and proves that his “pro-business” policies are having an extremely positive impact on the economy, regardless of the Democrats’ hollow criticism.

The White House took to social media on Friday afternoon, and shared a link to an official statement, which contained more in-depth details as to just how much the president’s policies have helped the American worker.

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President Trump himself also used social media to promote some of the benefits his “America First” agenda has brought to the American workers, and in a tweet, mentioned the low unemployment, new jobs, higher wages, and bonuses, saying “2018 is off to a great start!”

As President of the United States, Trump has ushered in a new era of prosperity to the nation, and after eight years of disastrous and oppressive Democrat policies, the American workforce is breathing easier, and the economy is booming.

After a successful first year in the White House, full of economic milestones, President Trump and his administration have proven to the American people that they’re committed to working tirelessly to “Make America Great Again.”