President Trump Shares Optimistic Message the Day After Christmas

On Tuesday, in a post-Christmas tweet, President Trump had a message of hope for the American people.

The president discussed his tax cut bill, which he said would “essentially repeal (over time) ObamaCare,” specifically the much-hated “Individual Mandate” policy, which he accurately described as “unfair and unpopular.”

The repeal of the disastrous policy, said Trump, will encourage Republicans and Democrats to “eventually come together to develop a great new HealthCare plan.”

President Trump further discussed the impact his tax overhaul would have on America, saying that “business is looking really good for the next year,” and added that 2018 will be a “great year” for both businesses and jobs.

The president also mentioned the roaring success of the American Stock Market, which has seen unprecedented and continued numbers during his first year in the White House.

After watching Democrats spend the last year flat-out refusing to cooperate for the good of the country, it’s time for them to put aside their obstructionist behavior and end their “resistance,” and come to the table.