President Trump Receives Warm Welcome in China (VIDEO)

Today, President Trump continued his trip to Asia, where he plans to visit with leaders from 5 different nations.

After meeting with Japanese and South Korean leaders, the president headed to China, where he received an amazing welcome, including soldiers at attention, a marching band, and cheering children.

President Trump was very impressed, and at one point, was seen to mouth “wow” at the ceremonial reception from China’s President Xi Jinping, reserved for the most revered of guests.

China’s relationship with President Trump is a stark contrast from that of former President Barack Obama, who was generally not shown much respect.

Before President Trump entered the political arena, he had earned respect in China through his successful business deals, and strong negotiation skills, which will come into play as the two nations discuss trade.

The ceremonial reception Trump received, as well as the tour of the Forbidden City he and First Lady Melania were given, are indicative of China’s respect and admiration.

Although President Trump has consistently maintained that U.S./Chinese relations need to be overhauled, his demands for fair trade and better deals have impressed the Chinese, who hold his “tough but fair” attitude in high regard.