President Trump Promotes Historic Tax Cuts After Returning from Camp David

As President Trump returned from a visit Camp David on Sunday, which he described as “a very special place,” he tweeted an optimistic message to the American public.

The president said that during his “wonderful weekend” at Camp David, he got “a lot of very important work done,” almost certainly alluding to his upcoming tax overhaul, which he has been working tirelessly to get passed.

Coming just a day after his weekly address, President Trump continued his positive message, and had encouraging words of hope for the American worker, and promising his tax overhaul is “just days away.”

“As a candidate, I promised we would pass a massive TAX CUT for everyday, working American families,” said President Trump, calling them the “backbone and the heartbeat” of America.

During the campaign for the White House, one of Trump’s talking points that resonated the strongest with the American people was the need to overhaul the convoluted tax system.

Despite “resistance” from obstructionist Democrats and the mainstream media, things are looking good for President Trump’s tax reform, which will bring the country much needed relief, especially to the suffering American middle class.