President Trump Praises American Farmers for Their Hard Work in Helping #MAGA

On Monday, President Trump paid a visit to the state of Tennessee, where he spoke at the 99th American Farm Bureau Federation’s yearly convention in Nashville.

President Trump’s affinity for working Americans is well known, and now, American farmers, who’ve felt forgotten and unappreciated under previous administrations, are feeling respected and valued again.

President Trump has worked hard to end restrictive government regulations, a move that, as he pointed out, helped farmers, saying, “As we put money back in the pockets of … our farmers and ranchers, we are also putting an end to the regulatory assault on your way of life.”

As he spoke to the thousands of farmers, President Trump stressed the importance of honoring our country’s farming community, and said that he and his administration have worked hard to “Deliver for America’s farmer’s just as they work every day to deliver for us.”

Additionally, the president also mentioned the “crushing taxes, crippling regulations, and corruption” that, under previous administrations, devastated the American farming community.

President Trump vowed that farmers “are not forgotten ANYMORE,” and said that “the American dream is roaring back to life.”

During the campaign for the White House, President Trump often spoke of the mistreatment and plight of  our farmers, and vowed to fight for them.

Now, one year into his Presidency, Trump proved that he is a man of his word, and on Monday, he reiterated his support for the farming community, saying, “We are fighting for our farmers … and we are fighting for our country.”

“My administration is in the process of rolling back a rule that hit our farmers and ranches very, very hard,” the president told the crowd, and also said “We want to see even more victories for the American farmer and the American rancher.”

The president also discussed NAFTA, and said that he is “working very hard to get a better deal for our country.”